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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trainer Road: 20mins test

Well, spent last night getting the Garmin 310XT ready to use for cycling in the am, signed up for Trainer Road and had things setup for the 20mins test also in the am. Slept poorly so woke up later than expected which means I was going of have to pause before the actually 20mins test begin after the warmup and also towards the end of the 20mins test, I really wanted the test done today just to have a bench mark since next cycling opportunity make not be till Tuesday.

Using the Trainer Road software took training to a whole new level, kind of hard to cheat when the data is right in your face, you either pushing or slacking, I had Coach Troy on the monitor to help coach through the 20mins but really eyes were on the monitor, speed was fluctuating quite a bit so just focus on keeping cadence constant. Find result here, really wish there was something similar for running will make heart rate training so much easy to see and adjust while running on the treadmill, feel like I always loose form when I check HR.

Big learning curve with the Garmin 310XT, downloading to Trainer peak and Garmin Connect especially with TR connect not so smooth but easy and doable.

Chiropractic and massage appoint today to work on shoulder and foot, shoulder seem worse than foot not sure what exactly is going on there but keeping an eye on it.

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