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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching up

Even thou the weather was beautiful here this past weekend I really didn't get an outdoor run in, I was achy and extremely cold, good think I got the flu shot. Saturday I was able to get a Sufferfest Extra Shot long Scream ride in, love the music and it was just the right think to push of the chill, sweaty mess when done.

Sunday still wasn't 100%, planned to run before church cancelled it, planned after got dress then ended up sleeping for 4 hours, felt better but now it was too late to run outdoors and it was time for grocery shopping, weekly cooking and dinner. After dinner with everything squared away for the wee, decided to go to the basement and get a run, wasn't my best, but got in 4 miles before calling it a day added on Xfactor ST week 4 day 1 since I know Monday was a busy day.

Monday Spinerval 11.0 Big Gear Strength and then it was time to start the runing around for the week. After work went for my first accupunture, probelm area right foot, both knees and left shoulder. Felt the needle more in some areas she indicated needle size and if I was tensed. After all the needles were in, heat was applied via a heat lamp.

Today the knees feel much better, shoulder is throbbing and foot feel the same but then I ran 7 miles this morning and there is no significant pain like I normally have in the foot so make be there is a change after all. Did 7 miles using Cardio Coach Candice the follow with Xfactor week 4 day 2, the up/down plank follow by jump squat is a killer combo.

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