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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Been working on getting more sleep but I think it is not working my body just do not need 8 hours of sleep, going to bed by 9pm means I get up by 2am, stay awake till 4pm, have a headache by 4:30am and tired all day so going back to normal routine of 5-6 hours. No workout this am since I was tired and had a killer headache.

Went to the Chiro doctor after work today for adjustment on my left butt and leg, and after being tired with an headache all day I felt great after the session, enough to reconsider taking a rest day today.

After dinner and some internet time, got on the treadmill and got in a 5k, really felt great, left side perfect have another appointment schedule for the 6th.

Felt the earthquake @ work in Akron

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