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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Runervals 5.0 10K Strength Builder

I love Coach Troy and have been hanging with him for about 8 years now I think, but this is my first second time around with Runervals 5.0, with last week being the first. I knew this was going to be a hard workout when Coach gave us a 10 mins warmup, he refers to this has a strength builder but I see it as a Tempo hilly workout, not even sure what to expect from Runervals 4.0 Up, Up and Up Hill Climber, if we are climbing to 5% @ 10k pace.

Disclaimer I did not do my 10k pace still in no shape what so ever to do this workout at this pace, I started out at Marathon pace but the last 2 mins was rough so drop down 0.2.

The workout is simple really 10 mins warmup with striders then 5x6mins @10k pace varying incline from 0% to 5%, starting at 0% each minute take up incline 1%, last week I could only handle 3 rounds, this week I made it to 4 but decided to save round 5 for another day after Coach said we were going up by 2% every minute not mentally there yet.

I know lots of people whine about the treadmill but there are so many great workouts out and no matter how much I try unless I have someone pacing me there is no way I am going to get this kind of workout done or even find the hill to do it this good, each tool just like everything has it's place.

Monday, January 25, 2016

I got no workout in the morning, got up late and hubby decided to go to the 9:45am church service since he had a 11:30am meeting. With hubby gone for his meeting, I decided to attend a run to celebrate a fellow BGR member 58th birthday, location was even close to me.

My favorite running course that always kick my butt Egbert@Bedford Reservation, 4 other ladies showed up to run with her, the weather was quite beautiful for mid January, mid 30s and no wind but of course all the hills were still there. We  decided on 5 miles which will be 2.5 miles back and out, which also means that we are stopping just before the flat begins.

I ran most of it with Veronica but she pulled away on the way back, I just have to respect my body, this is the most consistent I have been in months, actually did 3 days in a roll. The birthday girl gave us gold dog tags when we were done, so glad I came out, felt great after the run. 5 miles for an average pace of 10:15

Pictures are cutesy of Veronica:

I slept through my alarm, but in the middle of a dreaming conversation with my niece, I had to check the time to get us somewhere so realized I was running late.

Done with Cathe for the next 7 weeks, let see if I can actually go 78 weeks with her, with that said, started Edge Booty Extreme 2 today, with tomorrow being speed workout, swap leg and upper body supper sets for today.

Today's workout was Upper Body Superset, 2 exercises back to back, 10-15 reps with 4 sets, will definitely feel this tomorrow, this is a no frill workout, I will probably use my own music next time around. This is about 34mins with the warmup, no cool down.

Got on the treadmill and got in 3 miles of run/walk, I am really enjoying doing this, it is just no pressure and my walking speed is slowly improving again.

The weather was beautiful again today and longed for a run outside but just wasn't in the cards.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I didn't want to get out of bed today, okay got up use bathroom and promptly got back under the covers, I think I was in sympathy with those having the blizzard. Funny part was I couldn't fall back asleep since my brain kept on screaming get up and go run. I just didn't feel like another cold long run.

I did eventually put on my big girl panty, after a trip to the post office finally made it to South Chargrin around noon to get my run in. Suppose to do 16, promise myself to just go our for 6 and call it done, it was cold and windy but it could be worse.

I felt pretty good on the run nothing hurts despite the 2 days of run/walk that was added this week, but I wasn't in my happy place, was concern about falling in some of the places and the wind was brutal in some area. South Chagrin is another great location to run just the right amount of hills sprinkle in and you can run for ever, saw a couple of walkers and only 1 other runner on my way back but since am running so late that is not a surprise.

When I got to mile 3, this was the flat straight portion so decided to go for another half a mile to make it 7 but then I got in my groove and then just decided to go for 4 to make it 8, no couldn't convince my legs to make it 5, I think they turn around on their own instead of letting me make that decision. This turn out to be a  nice progressive run but was happy to be done and back in my warm car.

May go out running tomorrow to celebrate a running friend's birthday
Splits Time Cumulative Time Moving Time Distance Elev Gain Elev Loss Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace Calories
1 12:01 12:01 11:56 1.00 74 16 12:01 11:56 9:59 121
2 11:18 23:19 11:11 1.00 31 -- 11:18 11:11 9:32 131
3 12:03 35:22 12:03 1.00 155 8 12:03 12:03 9:27 120
4 9:51.5 45:13 9:49 1.00 -- 142 9:51 9:49 8:50 132
5 11:48 57:01 11:44 1.00 128 -- 11:48 11:44 9:12 129
6 10:10 1:07:11 10:07 1.00 16 157 10:10 10:07 8:48 131
7 9:49.4 1:17:01 9:41 1.00 13 29 9:49 9:41 8:34 128
8 9:46.3 1:26:47 9:41 1.00 27 97 9:46 9:41 8:36 130
9 0:03.4 1:26:50 0:02 0.01 -- -- 11:06 6:30 9:09 0

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I took yesterday off as a complete rest day, my body needed it so I listened.

Today was Ripped with Hiit Chest, Shoulders and Triceps with abs no finishers so this comes in about 40 mins which was perfect, this workout is so much harder without the finishers, because it means 3 workouts, 10 reps/3 sets for each body part then abs instead of doing finishers after each workouts. The killer was plank jack workout after doing triceps, never felt my hand shake so much, not sure how I got through without face planting.

Last round with Team Clydesdale and Runerval 1.0, I wasn't expecting any improvement on this since I was already at max with the way I want to run it but can only tweak it by not dropping below base pace or increasing base pace which has a down out if getting too tired and dropping down after a hard interval. I did feel pretty good doing this but the weight workout really kicked my butt.

So how did I process with Runerval 1.0 (35mins)
 Week 1: 3.29 miles (avg pace 10:38) 
Week 2: 3.34 miles (avg. pace 10:29)
Week 3: 3.35 miles (avg pace 10:26)        not too bad at least headed in the right direction

My mileage is quite low for marathon training and I really need to kick it up for the next 5 weeks to stay on track but love how my body is feeling although right now weight is not bulging but body is getting firmer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Funny, did Ripped with Hiit Lift it Back Biceps and Shoulders today and I didn't really remember any of the workout, it must have been awhile since I did it. I am still trying to limit my Strength work to 30-45mins which means since I was required to do BBS and also Abs which comes to about 62mins, I did the time saver workout without finishers, instead of the finishers, abs were done instead. The good part about doing the abs workout broken up was that I was able to do them with much better form.

Last week of Runerval 7.0 Workout B, the goal was to keep increasing the distance ran in the 30mins, I am not increasing the max speed which stayed at 7mph (5k pace) the main objective is to reduce the time spent at recovery pace 3-4mph) and get back up to base pace (5.5mph) right away. I felt pretty good with the run and very happy with the progress I made.

Week 1 - 2.67 miles (avg. 11:13 pace)
Week 2 - 2.74 miles (avg. 10:58 pace)
Week 3 - 2.87 miles (avg. 10:27 pace)     so not a bad improvement.

Very cold here but always thankful when no snow or snow when am home or at work only, really hate driving in it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Baby it's cold outside, woke up this morning to 9 degree with a gusting wind making it feel like -16 but thankfully the predicted heavy snowfall didn't happen. Happy MLK day, I did have to go to work but limited traffic since most places were close.

On schedule today was Cathe XtrainTabatacise, this is none stop heart pumping plyo from start to finish, I still believe the first 2 rounds are the hardest, by the time you get to 3- 5 that are somewhat easier you are spent and feel miserable, oh yes bring on the recovery, what step blast, funny they did help push the misery out of the legs.

I have been lacking in my easy run and mileage is no where near where they should be, so even thou I wasn't feeling I decided to just go ahead and walk for time on my feet. Mile 2 I changed to 1/2 mile walking and half mile running, increasing both paces, before I know it 6 miles done and I felt great. 6 weeks to New Orleans and this is the least prepared I have ever been.

Contemplating running the Buzzard 50k, did the 25k last year, it was cold, icy and a complete mud fest but oh so much fun when I thaw out anyway.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Note to self, Hard Strikes is not a good workout to do before a long run, while doing this workout on Friday my ankles were worked hard from all the jumping jacks, kicking,& side to side moves then the conditioning took a hard hit at my shoulders, which meant doing my long run my legs felt like brick and I could barely move my shoulders.

Had a 7:30am dentist appointment, the original plan was to drive over to covered bridge to get in hill repeats but then the light drizzle and snow started and I doubt I will get a good workout, so headed off to Egbert knowing there will be enough hills to rival a hill repeat. I was really surprise that there was hardly anyone out, ran into Jerry W who was running trails and I was running the multi purpose path with out path crossing off and on.

I started at Egbert and ran down to Linda's Fall trail head for 4.5 miles, I hate being on this part of the trail  by myself since It is somewhat isolated. At about mile 5, my legs felt very heavy I was barely moving, I had to stop to walk and shake them out. The one good thing about the run was that my endurance felt fine, I wasn't tired but my legs are going to need more road long miles before New Orleans.

After getting back to Egbert, I went the other direction, which is somewhat flatter since there are only 2 hills on it, I went out for 1 mile and back, goal is to run this faster than the last 9 miles, decided not to cross the road but made a left to stay on Union Rd for the 1 mile, had to push, slightly slippery on this side.

In celebration of Michelle Obama's birthday, wore my pearls to wish her wll, #girlswithpearls

Sunday - Complete rest day