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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Runervals 5.0 10K Strength Builder

I love Coach Troy and have been hanging with him for about 8 years now I think, but this is my first second time around with Runervals 5.0, with last week being the first. I knew this was going to be a hard workout when Coach gave us a 10 mins warmup, he refers to this has a strength builder but I see it as a Tempo hilly workout, not even sure what to expect from Runervals 4.0 Up, Up and Up Hill Climber, if we are climbing to 5% @ 10k pace.

Disclaimer I did not do my 10k pace still in no shape what so ever to do this workout at this pace, I started out at Marathon pace but the last 2 mins was rough so drop down 0.2.

The workout is simple really 10 mins warmup with striders then 5x6mins @10k pace varying incline from 0% to 5%, starting at 0% each minute take up incline 1%, last week I could only handle 3 rounds, this week I made it to 4 but decided to save round 5 for another day after Coach said we were going up by 2% every minute not mentally there yet.

I know lots of people whine about the treadmill but there are so many great workouts out and no matter how much I try unless I have someone pacing me there is no way I am going to get this kind of workout done or even find the hill to do it this good, each tool just like everything has it's place.

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Elis said...

WOW, it's perfect! <3