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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Today was a spring out of bed, love days like this, today I experimented with making dinner while working out instead of after work or in the crock pot,  so before heading to the basement put a couple of pork chops with cream of chicken and onion soup mix in the oven, it was actually done but the time I finished working out.

Today's workout was Cathe's Xtrain Supercut, this is one of those energizer bunny workout, barely a rest period and mostly compound moves, I do love it thou since you workout every pesky little muscle, I think one of my favorite move is the using the gliding disc to do burpee to jack pushups. I did a time saver workout which clocks in at 26mins.

For Cardio I did a newer Studio Sweat Spinning off of Youtube, love the music and energy of this workout.

Today I wasn't feeling any yin yoga workout started out with 2 but ended up just doing my own thing for 30mins, mainly because I knew what was tight and what I wanted to work on.

Still working on cleaning up the diet, I know this is going to be a challenge for some reason this year, not eating junk just can't stop eating.

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