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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Great workout combo today with Cathe Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast and Coach Troy Runerval 7.0 Workout B, the speed and tempo for this week will be a repeat of last week to gauge improvement.

I did the first 5 rounds of Cardio Legs Blast + core #2, I feel the shortened workout are more than adequate for me, I do prefer all the workout to be around 30 mins, minimal chatter, straight and to the point, this with the core workout clocks in at 46mins perfect. I can definitely feel some residual hot spot on my legs from the long run but once thoroughly warmed it felt much better.

Last week when I did Runerval 7.0 workout B which is a 5x90secs ON with 2.5mins of recovery, I felt even though I was able to hold the 5k pace with good form I was having to walk a long time to recover so not sure how effective that was, today tried a different approach, HM pace 6.4mph@2% grade for the first 60mins then 5k for the last 30 secs walk the first couple of mins for recovery and be back up to base pace 5.5mph right away. For the last round I did 30secs @HM pace then last 60secs @5k pace.

Last week, did this 30mins workout and ran 2.67 miles (11:13 avg pace) this week 2.74 mile (10:58 avg pace) the goal fro me is to be able to run the HM to 5K and still recover at base pace instaed of walking pace and get closer to 10 min/mile.

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