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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Am trying to keep the same Runerval workout for at least 3 weeks just to work towards speed improvement, am probably not going to be 100% ready for New Orleans since am doing fun hard works but not necessarily going long, with the next race being a marathon and not a 5k or 10 k it may not be the best of ideas but training through the winter requires fun to combat all the dull dreary days.

After Cathe Low Impact Hiit, I did the 2nd scrambled which mixes LIH #2 1st part and the LIH #1 2nd part, it really is fun to do it this way, I do think I am beginning to hate dixie cups, what torturous little demons.

For Runerval today, repeat of 1.0 with team Clydesdale, doing intervals 1, 2 & 4 @ 5k pace (7mph) and 3 @ base pace (5.5mph) this was a hill workout , goal was to reduce the time I stay below 5.5mph, today wasn't too bad, form was good, last interval was a struggle but doable. Last week's total mileage was 3.29 (av g pace 10:38) this week 3.34 (avg pace 10:29) so moving in the right direction. I have no intention at this point to run faster than 7mph, I will just be pushing to improve time at base pace, max base pace for training is 5.8mph so I have plenty of run to grow.

One of my Facebook memory was a picture I took when I went to Houston in 2012 for the marathon and got a chance to watch the Olympic qualifying race, this was my first out of state race and I think it still remains one of my favorite, the finish was just so well done you feel like a rock star. I still have my Brooks Cowboy hat, too special not to keep.

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