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Monday, December 28, 2015

 Back from vacationing in Florida and after just about a week off from working out except for a day of elliptical/Strength (nice 2 hour combo) and a day of Yin Yoga did nothing but sleep and eat. With Rock and Roll New Orleans now around the corner time to get back at it, am off the whole week so that should help.

 Since I am still on vacation, I did sleep in and after a nice cup of coffee got the workout done.

Today I started Cathe's  Ripped With HIIT/Xtrain Rotation, which of cause started off with Xtrain Hard Strikes I could feel every roll jingle during those jumping jacks then those dreaded situp/pushup combo just about killed me I was one whole set behind Cathe but got it done.

Then 25 mins of HIIT Spinning using Global Cycling Network program, love the music and structure of program, hard and short.

Finish it all of with a morning yoga from The Cexercise Trinity which I assume was going to be gentle but it wasn't, it was nice thou and I made it through the whole 15 mins, love the flow and sequencing.

At 5:45pm putting my big girl panties on since it was 37 degrees, windy and raining I met up with the BGR Motivation Monday group and did 5+ miles.

Tomorrow is another day, make it a great one.

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