Miles to Health

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ripped With HIIT Upper Body Hiit Circuit, Cathe was breathless which means I was doubled over, I was pouring sweat during this workout but got through it, I was surprised I wasn't in pain upon waking this morning from all I did yesterday and I got up early too but I do have to say my body is in complete shock, no alcohol, chocolate and working out oh my.

Then after Cathe's torture while not pay a visit to Coach Troy, so busted out Runerval 6.0 Wrkt B which is 4x4mins with a 1 min recovery, 1st 4 mins was tough but then got in a groove and felt great, stil kept the pace at Marathon pace but took the speed up 0.1 every minute instead of the incline that was set at 2%.

Quick shower and change then off to the eye Dr. with son #2.

Feeling accomplished. Hair back to golden brown about bleaching it yeaterday.


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