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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Recovery rest day today, at least that was what I thought it was suppose to be but on the schedule I had Xtrain Legs and 30 mins HIIT Spin with a rest day from running, woohoo better than nothing I guess.

Xtrain Legs what can I say, this probably wasn't the best of ideas since tomorrow is a hard run, every muscle in my booty hurts, even while spinning I could feel them and had to keep getting off the saddle. 52 mins of pure torture, standing, then ball/chair to end up finishing with floor work by the time I got down to the floor every part of my legs hurt and I cut my coat according to my size by sticking to a 5# weight for the last round of floor work, even with that it took even ounce of determination not to drop the weight and just use body weight, felt good to be done, the stretch was very thorough and earned. 

For the spin hiit I use another Global Cycling Network workout, this is a newer one just done in November, I think I like the music in the other one better but this was still a great workout, also cyclist are on trainers instead of spin bike, I think I will prefer Coach for trainer torture.

With Ingrid Romero having a 45% sale on Edge Booty 1 & 2, I decided to give it a go with hope of achieving a well rounded bum by the end of the year, will keep you updated, with a $10 credit about to expire at The Clymb picked up Hoka Challenger ATR which was on clearance at least the credit covers the shipping.

Only thing left to buy is a spin bike tomorrow, since my job will pay for half of it and I have my old one on Craig's list for a ridiculous pricejust to giveaway instead of putting it in the dumpster since it is still usable for most people

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