Miles to Health

Monday, November 23, 2015

Woke up today feeling like crab, feeling everyone of those hill repeats that I did, my Quads, Shins and Calves has some serious DOMS, felt every single muscle when I stretch in bed, oh my, I contemplated not working out today but wasn't injured just some serious DOMS and I know I will feel better once I start moving around, so up we go and I did modify the schedule to fit current level of pain.

On the Schedule for Strength was Cathe Xtrain Supercut, modified this and only did Timesaver #1 what was around 30mins and instead of a 5 miler did 5k, legs actually felt good once my body got moving although it was already quite loose and warm from all the jumping around nonstop workout from Supercut.

After work, went grocery shopping since it occurred to me that the boys arrive tomorrow and there is really nothing in the house for them to eat and I also had no fixing for Thanksgiving, all taking care of now just to pick up some minor things tomorrow and we will be all set and I get to enjoy my family, also hoping my niece comes over from Columbus.

Miss the storm that dump snow in Chicago area, so thankful for that because I am not looking forwards to this

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