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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone , hope it was a great one spent with family and friends. had a great time with my Sister and her Family, it was wonderful spending the day with them since the last time was 2011, normally out of town with my Husband's family.

The day went pretty good and the eating wasn't too bad and we got a decent amount of workout in, the weather was beautiful which made it easy to get out and get a run in. Woke up got the turkey going in the oven and the mean greens going on the stove and went out for a 5 mile run, I felt really good on this run and decided on a progressive run, I dressed way too warm and was burning up by the end of the first mile but the blowing wind kept the chill on in some areas.

The plan was to do 5 miles by mile 4 I was running straight into the wind and the deal was if I can make it back to under 10 min/mile once I make the turn away from the wind I can run home and not worry about getting to 5 miles, did mile 4 @ 10:09 and mile 5 @ 9:34 so call it done at 4.8 miles, although I probably did 5 miles since I started my GPS later in my run due to no signal.

Got back home peeled and put potato on stove and sweet potato in the oven and went over to the basement to get in Xtrain Cardio Legs due to time and I was also getting tired, decided on the Timesaver Workout 7-12 routine, this is pretty hard since it is mainly step but was able to hang in there till the end.

My Sister, her son and I, 2011/2015

Friday, I was off from work so was able to meet Shelby for a run and was happily surprise to Sheila join us for a trail run since I know this is not her favorite thing to do. We picked our favorite spot Egbert, not sure Sheila understands why we love it since she is a city girl but she did great and we even went further that expected, weather again was just perfect.

Skipped the extra cardio on the schedule today since I was feeling run down, DH has been coughing and sneezing keeping away from him as much as possible.

Only made it to Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics to pickup some stuff with their 50% coupon, no other Black Friday shopping can't think of a single thing that will require a early morning stampede.

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