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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today was the first Hill Repeats of the 2015/2016 racing season, I love doing this just because I learn to run hills with ease and build some serious leg strength if I stick with it. Met up with the group at 9am and we ran from the parking lot to the top of the hill and I did a 1 repeat slow hill warm up

It was nice to have a clear path on the trail, so I was able to run faster than normal on the downhill and slowly make my way back up, my legs felt pretty good on this and pace was decent. I kept the repeats at roughly 1 hr being that I am only in week 3 of marathon training.

The saying never trust an ultra runner that says a loop is short, met Julie today even thou I have seen her around, she was also done so I decided to head back with her, she suggest the back trail which was a "short" loop back, I guess I should have been more precise because after my Garmin click 2 miles I asked Julie, how long was this loop any way, she said something like, oh not quite sure, most people said about 4 miles. Normal route back was only 1 mile, I cut the heat repeat short to save the legs and here I was doing a short loop, luckily it ended up being only 3miles.

I do have to say I felt fine during the run, and actually glad Julie took me outside my comfort zone and I got the extra miles in.

Had lots of errands and things to do with the kids coming home for Thanksgiving that I skip the trip to Winking Lizards for Beer and Food.

It will be great to see to the boys for the Holiday, been awhile.
Thanksgiving 2011 with my sister and her youngest.

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