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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yesterday, was the start of week 3 of Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon training, I love that my legs are finally clicking into the training mode and things are beginning to fall into place although I have to say I am sleeping a lot, not that worried about it for now since I know I have been staying up too late the last 2+ weeks so it is probably my body's way of catching up.

So stay on plan, Monday was Cathe Xtrain Chest Back and Shoulder I did a time saver version due to the above mentioned sleeping so I can get in the scheduled 4 miles, did the 4 miles at a 10:43 avg pace nice for that to feel like an easy pace.

Today was suppose to be another 4 miles but due to sleeping in, I modified everything for today but still got in a decent workout. Cathe Xtrain tabatacise warmup + routine 1 which clocked in at 15mins of pure torture, then instead of 4 miles got in 3 miles nice easy miles at a 10:41 avg pace. My easy/base pace for this training round is 5.4 - 5.8 (11:07 - 10:21), most of last week I stayed in the 5.4 mph range moving up after every 0.5miles, this week am starting at 5.5 with most miles at 5.6 and the last 1 mile split between 5.7 and 5.8. Goal before the end of training plan will be to run the majority of the miles at the 5.8mph pace.

Life is good, beautiful weather for November, I think we were in the 60s, saw the quick dump of snow in Denver and praying the white stuff stays away a bit longer

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