Miles to Health

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What a difference a good sleep and perfect frame of mind makes, I woke up this morning feeling like a million $, who else to spend the day with but Cathe Xtrain doing Cardio Leg Blast , in order to maintain my million $ feeling I did a premix Routine 1-6 instead of the whole 13 + core then off for some Sufferfest, Brain Training For Runners called for mixed intervals but am at the I got to have fun to continue training phase which translate to spending time in Sufferlandria, did Steamroller which is 13 intervals at various time, pace and recovery time, longest was 4 mins and shortest 10secs with recovery time going from 1:45 to 30secs, pacing going from agony (10mph) to HM pace 6.9mph. For some recovery was so short my treadmill didn't even get to the recovery pace before I had to go back up. It felt good and I love watching Mo Farah run, so graceful.

After work was 6 miles with Shelby at the Meadow loop, nothing spectacular we were slower than normal but we got it done and one more in the books.

Life is good, waking up feeling like a million $-priceless

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