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Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day everyone.

No run today, but a very productive high energy day, got so much done and very proud of myself. Woke up late after a very restful sleep, stayed in bed reading Keith Ferrazzi's Book Never Eat Alone, loving all the information and practical knowledge giving, goal will be to start implementing not just read.

Then it was time for laundry and picture taking  of things to list on eBay, great having daylight to do this with instead of fighting with shadow from overhead lights.

Feeling spunky decided on getting my workout in still no running but there is more to life than that, so missing Cathe and knowing that on the cool kids on my Video Fitness Check-in group are doing Cathe Xtrain so pulled out Chest, Back and Shoulder for today and did the premix up to round 6 which clocks in at 40mins

After Cathe was 30 mins of easy spinning while I watch you tube of what current big selling items are on eBay and how to do certain things, getting there slowly.

After the workout, I decided to clean and vacuum the interior of my car, I can't remember the last time I did this and can probably count total time on 1 hand.

Dinner and an Epsom salt later it is almost time for bed.

Life is good, doing what you love and having no worries -priceless

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