Miles to Health

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Had  a great time at my husband aunt's wedding, it was just for family and very close friends, finding love again at 62 is a beautiful thing, unfortunately came back with the flu or something like it. Half way back from Indiana I was freezing cold despite the 80 degree temp, went to bed wearing a hoodie, long pants and wrapped in comforter, woke up Sunday feeling extreme weak and tired but better. Gave up working out Sunday - Tuesday since my body was just craving sleep.

Wednesday feeling much better after over feasting at the International Latex Conference, I made a go of Cathe RWH Low Impact premix #4 and after work since James was working late, went down to Egbert and got in 4 miles to shake out the legs, it felt good to sweat.

No workout today, felt worn out and with the half marathon on Saturday important to get there ready to go


 Life is good

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