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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Goodyear Half Marathon Run #2 in Akron Rubber Series

This was a 6:30am start, with the parking logistics, we were advised to get there by 5:30am which meant getting out of bed at 4am since I was an hour away. Plenty of parking space but getting to it was a problem, 3 separate roads feeding into a narrow street to the parking garage cause some delay, so race start was slightly delay but no worries. made use of the porta potty then need to find Shelby to make sure she is where I want her to be which is behind the 2hours pacer, most pacers run too fast and then slow down to correct to get the average pace/mile so if she can stay behind them, she will only have to work very hard to pass towards the end to get under 2. Chasing the pacers help keep your mind off the pace and keep it somewhat like a game.

For me I had no plan going into the race, was just going to run by feel, I started out fast but then realized that it was hot and humid and I don't care what my time is so pulled back and then started having fun. There were so many older couples out in front of their homes along this route, this may be the first time for a race in this neighborhood so they seem just as excited as we were, so it was nice to pull back and greet them, thanking them for being out. Also many people were stocked in traffic and I also greeted them and apologize for the delay, it is amazing how people's mood change just from that little gesture. I was little Miss Sunshine and my fellow runner's were wondering why am so happy since it was hot, humid and course was hilly but I can't change any of the 3 conditions so I may as well enjoy myself.

It felt like the blimp was following me throughout the race, the 1.5miles through the proving ground of the Goodyear facility was nice but felt never ending, it was nice to finish, now bring on the food and beer.

So far I have to say Akron has done as incredible job with this races, the first one despite the cold and rainy weather was a great event and this was just as wonderful, well organized, plenty of food, drink and music.

Afterwards, I had to look for Shelby to find out how she did, 3rd time is a charm , I wanted this monkey off her back and boy did she crush it 1:5:49, I was so excited and happy for her and she gets to ring the PR bell woohoo

Now for some fun, there was a great band playing, Big in Japan Band and Shelby and I danced  the morning away drinking Goose IPA, eating Swenson Burger and finish it off with Strickland Custard, this was all before 11am when the band stopped playing. Ahh Life is good, I love this running life

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