Miles to Health

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Legs felt pretty good and I still seem to have all that sugar and caffeine energy so giving the legs a break from running decided on a nice hard spin to flush out the lactic acid using the Global cycling Network 20 mins HIIT program on you tube, I really love how efficient this workout is and the music is great.

Then since my battle rope was right there did a quick search on you tube for a battle rope workout and picked not you average Joe, I have to say after the 1st 10, I stopped and was looking at what he was doing which bothers on "you better have good insurance" thank you very much I will stick with the usual stuff.

Then church, grocery shopping and hope to some reading and correspondence

Due to a late night, I was tired in the morning so slept with the ideal of doing my 8 miler after work, so starting the Starting with Cathe Ripped With Hiit Getting Started program I did Lift it Hiit It : Legs, not sure this was the best of ideas but going to do the program as close to plan as possible.

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