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Thursday, August 6, 2015

No DOMS from the Ripped workout yesterday but then am still sore last weeks workout which may explain why.

Today I decided to stay on the treadmill, even thou we had nice weather, just like for the speed workout I wanted to control the pace and guage how am really feeling, it feel like the treadmill runs are turning out to be a bit more challenging than being outdoors this time around, not really sure why.

1 mile warmup - walked most of it at 4mph to give the body time to warmup - 13:59
5 miles at Half Marathon pace (9:28) to keep the leg guessing I went from 6.0 - 6.6 ended up with an average of 9:44, not bad, felt pretty good nothing hurts, had 2 fans on me and was still soaking wet
1 mile cooldown - 11:59

No weight workout, due to pending 16 miler decision.

Still not 100% sure when to run the 16miler for this weekend Friday(tired legs) or Sunday(hangover)

Oh well, Life is good

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