Miles to Health

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Much better sleep last night even thou it is still not perfect but was able to go back to sleep using breathe and counting backwards. No nap needed today and I felt good and focus through, got lots of work done.

This morning 28 mins HITT using a program from Global Cycling Network that I found on You tube it was really good and music was great, can't wait to try out more.

A short yin yoga for runners with Kassandra also from You tube, love it. The focus on legs and hips was prefect.

Did I mention am doing a 5 miler on Saturday (Boots on the Ground), I had this on my calendar but never commit due to the distance 1 hr away but it is in support of our veterans so I figure that is the least I can do to give back, Shelby will meet me there afterwards only 30 mins from her place for us to get in 6 additional miles.

48th Birthday coming up, can't believe I am so close to 50, don't feel it

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