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Thursday, June 11, 2015

I ran outdoors , I had 1 mile repeats on schedule to do and I love doing this outside since the loop around my house is exactly 1 mile but I woke up to heavy legs, oh well, after dilly dallying I put on my big girl panty and went on out, programmed the Garmin and let see what I can do.

1.5 mile warm (my outer loop is only 1.3 miles so just did that, didn't want to think too much)

2x1mile @ 10k pace (8:36) ok I know this wasn't going to happen, the legs were not feeling it but the plan was to just gut it out/2 mins recovery (walk the 1st min and slow jog the second-that was my treat also prevention from passing out) Ended up with 9:06 and 8:59, I was expecting around 9:40 for each mile so was very happy, when I finish and saw that. I was also happy that even thou I was tired my heart rate was fine so at least am not over training and I seem to be recovering just fine.

1.5 mile cooldown (only did 1.3 miles again)

While on the run, I decided my legs were too tired to do Pretty Fierce Lean Out Lower Body Endurance but once my run was over I couldn't justify not doing it since I felt fine, so got it in, I like both the Upper Body/Lower Body endurance workout they are challenging but not an over kill although she does go fast.

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