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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Boots on the Ground 5 Miler

Woke up to pouring rain, there was really no question of whether I was going to do the race or not, if it wasn't cancelled I was there, I mean this is to support out veterans, how can I not be able to tolerate a little rain discomfort. Rain did stop before race start but the humidity was a whole different issue.

I really wasn't sure what was going to happen at this race, I had planned on pushing it if my legs felt fine still sore from the half marathon last week and a full week of training. Well, the legs were fine but the humidity was too much. The heavy over night and in the morning cooled things down a bit but the woods held on to the humidity, on the first half since we are in an enclosed trail (crushed limestone) thick vegetation on both sides breathing was unbearable and I was pouring sweat. I could not control my heart rate, I was in the 200s for the first 2 miles, my HR didn't come down to the 160s until we got to the other side with the creek on our right, pushing it on the first half wasn't happening every time I tried it, it  felt like I was having a heart attack, so I covered the Garmin up and ran by feel, finish in 46:50, was actually surprised I ran that fast, too many speedy women in my age group I think I was 7/8. Garmin is not accurate, lost signal in one section of the woods and I also started it before the start, a duh moment. Max HR 210bpm Avg 172bpm

The race was very well organized and started promptly, for a first year race they did an amazing job.

After the race, Shelby came over and we hook up with Daniel( he ran the race also) and got in 6 milers before Daniel had to leave to take care of his dogs. Heart rate and legs felt fine, different section of trail. Max HR 158bpm, Average  151bpm

After we dropped Daniel off, Shelby and I went back on the race course starting at the finish for 4 more miles, max HR 157bpm Avg 148bpm

So ended up with 15 miles for the day. Got back home in time to shower, change and get ready for a graduation party


Did very good at the party, avoiding all my trigger foods and alcohol . Life is good

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