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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday - Woke up early, got in some laundry and also started cleaning the garage, for some reason all the untidiness just bothers me, after a bot of cleaning, went done to the basement and tried our the new workout that was emailed to me from Pretty Fierce Lean Out called Core Plyo, wasn't sure what to expect but know it wasn't going to be easy, well she didn't disappoint, this woman loves burpees and plank moves, I am having great definition in my arm from all the planks and burpees. 10 exercises were you are doing 12 reps but then the you have to do left and right side and then she had a finisher, 32 mins later I was a sweaty mess. Shower changed and got ready for church and for the first time in a while, we got there before the opening hymn, yeah

Monday: Finished cleaning the garage then met up with BGR Motivation Monday group to get in some miles, we got poured on by mother nature but it felt great since it was muggy and hot initially. 4 slow miles done on the multi purpose trail at Garfield Park, last Garming mile was off since I forgot to turn it off. Picture by Candice

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