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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So blessed to be celebrating another birthday, I am where I am suppose to be. Woke up to pouring rain but Mother Nature was nice to gift me with a gentle mist so I could get my run in, it probably wasn't the best of ideas to run so late yesterday then roll out of bed this morning for 10x400m @3k pace, I felt every bit of being 48 but as usual I rolled with it.

All my neighbors probably thought I was crazy since I was going round and round on the 1 mile loop in the rain but I did change direction half way to confuse the squirrels and dogs. No where near the pace I was shooting for but I was also expecting that just wanted to be able to finish each one decently. I think I need to race less if I really want to hit this paces but am not sure I want to. Next race is on the 27th Thirsty Dog 8k, part of the Akron Rubber Series and nothing till August 15, really.

After work, met up with Shelby and got in some easy 6 miles then we went off to Fisher's for Dinner since I am home alone, had a great time chatting and I got a small pink Nathan water bottle and a beautiful pink dress from Shelby, which was very thoughtful of her , dress was an xsmall and it fit beautifully.

On the way home, had a flat and after a 35 mins wait, Buck from AAA finally arrived, I may be a woman but I can definitely tell when a tire is flat, after a nice firm conversation he agree to change flat, Yes Buck I do have a spare in the truck and I have no clue where the jack is shouldn't you have one. Oh he thinks he does, oh well........ tired changed and safely home. Life is good and I am bless. :)

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