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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yesterday, was an easy and pain free day despite the hard effort on Sunday, some hot spot on left butt, right calf but nothing significant, decided again running to give the body a break so decided on a 40mins easy spin and then 2 sessions from Strong Stride. Strong Stride I believe is an humbling workout since I am in so much pain when all am using is my body weight: glutes, hips and butt were on fire after the workout.

I did a session of yin yoga before bed, am working on adding restorative yoga in the evening to quite my mind and calm the body. Still not sleeping properly, waking up between 1:30 - 2:30am but last night I was able to go back to sleep by doing some meditation really try to avoid taking sleeping aid.

This morning, body still recovering but seem to be humming with energy, so started the day of with Cathe Ripped with Hitt Low Impact Premix #7, time flew by and I was a sweaty mess then hopping on the treadmill I queued up a coached program -Cardio Coach #1 on Bitgym and gave it a try, it worked so much better on the treadmill than the spin bike, not really sure why but I am not really sure what the advantage of this app is right now, I already have the Cardio Coach workout and I can watch what ever I want on netflix or any of the multiple options I have, also I have the Runervals and Sufferfest workouts which are coached DVD are downloaded video workouts.

After the run with lots of energy still pumping through my veins, I did Pretty Fierece Lean Out Upper Body Endurance with was a short sweet to the point workout, my arms were on fire and I was sweating unbelievably which was interesting since I wasn't doing any cardio.

I was a bit tired during the day, the kind of tired when a 10 mins power nap was needed but I know it is coming from the early waking.

After work, met up with Shelby at the Bike and Hike to get in 4 miles it was a bit rough at the start since I was tired but once my body warmed up I felt fine although the pace was very and there were lots of bikers out.

Got back home, had dinner and then got in an hours plus in the yard working on the beds, it is just amazing how much weed there is again, ahhh :(

Off to bed, but hope to get in at least 20mins of yoga or meditation

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