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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Biggest Loser Half Marathon - Erie, PA

Not quite sure why I decided to do this race except for maybe it was reasonably priced and a short distance from home because I already have a Half Marathon in Pennsylvanian and do not have to run another. Any way...

Drove down Saturday around 1pm, this is an easy drive, under 2 hours, arrived at the Expo, after driving around to find location, I think sometimes assumption is made that everybody knows where they are going, when  an address is giving, especially when address has nothing to do with location and GPS says you are here but where. Expo was small not much going on  there, can't believe the price for some of the skirts and headband, guarantee cheaper that most know brands but doesn't seem to be as good a quality or heavier fabric. Got package and headed off to the hotel to rest before going for dinner, after some driving around with Sheila and Shelby decided on Ruby Tuesday, we all wanted meat not pasta and the unlimited salad was the absolute draw. Had a great steak. Bed by 9pm.

Race morning, up by 4:45am, race start is 7am but this is on an Isle so only 1 was in, decided to get their early to avoid traffic, park, use restroom and get ready, basically to have a stress free morning, Shelby was nice enough to drive. Not sure how many runners or walkers, or those doing 5K and Half Marathon but I know lots of first timers and I think this is what makes this race great, plenty of time to finish the 5k and HM, and their is a strictly walkers division, so no excuse not to challenge yourself and get it done.

Lots of cotton fluff in the air, almost looked like it was snowing, I didn't have a full blown allergy symptoms just some weird reactions along the course, throat closing miles 1-3, itchy face 5-7, watery eyes and running nose 8-12. This is a beautiful location.

Really flat course, except for the white fluffy stuff nothing to complain about, great race, volunteers and aid stations, limited spectator but that was expected since we are in the middle of a park that is on a Isle. Every time I go to this races the goal is to break 2 hrs, whether I am train for it or not it's irrelevant then I just wait and see what the body decide to do, today was no exception.

Shelby basically set the pace, the last time we did a HM together I felt bad that I pushed to pace too early and she wasn't able to meet her goal of breaking 2 hrs even thou she was strong. We were running 9:47 pace which was comfortable and we seem to settle, I took over briefly at mile 7, just to get us out of that comfort pace and told Shelby to get moving, she is a very strong runner but am not sure she believe it yet. Even thou we ran a strong race from miles 7 to the finish, there was no way we could make up the pace for first 6 miles without pulling something, I pulled back a bit but felt quite strong with no noticeably aches or pain, this I was quite happy about since I was just back with the speed work, let's be honest am a lazy runner, I do enough to get by and finish but I guess am going to have to step up my game. Bring it. Official finish time 2:05:00 for a 9:33 average pace I had Garmin programmed differently so had to restart losing some miles, 9/49 in age group.

Got back to the hotel, shower, changed, quick stop at Five guys for some protein and then the drive back home, feeling great and time to get back at it.

   Thanks to PTH for this finish line pciture

Got some great pictures from the Biggest Loser picture downloads, can't believe they are really free, Thanks #BLRWErie, really wish I could sneak in the Rockford one next week before graduation ceremony begins, not sure my in-laws or hubby will go for it, oh well

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