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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Even thou yesterday was National Running Day, I stuck to my plan of not running, as a runner am not sure why I need a day declared for me, I think yesterday was for  none runners and the rest of the 364 days for me, I guess they get to follow it up tomorrow with Doughnut Day.

Was suppose to do 30mins on the spin bike this morning so I went ahead and pick another program from Bitgym, this time we are headed to Yosemite Park, it was nice but I am not quite sure how the phone is picking up my RPM because I was losing speed and wasn't sure what to do, don't know if this was from my wifi connection or not, so ended up with 40 mins ride, the clock only count down when you are cycling. Also at the end of the workout they give you, time, calories burn and RPM, not sure what to do with the RPM data, I wanted miles and speed. I did get an invite to be a beta tester, so will be trying the coached programs out the next couple of days added on Yin Yoga with Travis, the live class on You Tube instead of DVD.

My left calf was tighter than I like this morning, not painful, just knotted up, I have been working on it, it tends to loosen up after about 2 miles so I decided against the tempo run and played around with Strong Stride instead.

I like Strong Stride with Lisa Watson, it will be a great one to add into the rotation to work all those pesky little muscles, the hip, hamstring, Quad and butt were hit very hard, great DVD for runners.

Cardio Strength Upper Body (1 round) + Strong Stride Dynamic warmup + Strong Stride Program 1 + 21 mins on the stepper just to test the calf out.

Time to get ready for the basketball game

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