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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

After a whirl wind weekend trip to New York for a funeral and condolence call to 2 separate families, got back to cold Ohio on Monday morning and straight to work. I did get in some workout on the trip which I am proud of.

Saturday - Before the 6am flight to Newark, NJ actually woke up at 2:30am to get in my workout, did Pretty Fierce Lean Out Upper Body Strength, decided against any hard cardio since I was going to be sitting on the plane for an hour, was so proud of myself. None stop activity from the time we landed till about 1:30am when we got back to the hotel

Sunday - Got up around 9:30am and got on the treadmill to get in my run using Cardio Coach #2, got in about 4 miles before calling it a day, the treadmill wasn't the best, even thou it was a commercial strength. Some shopping and a condolence call later, it was time to return the rental car and get into bed for another 4am wake up call.

Monday - Up at 4am, no workout since we were getting on the 4:40am shuttle to the airport, landed, drop hubby off at home and off to work. Long day and it was cold here, temps only in the 50s, needed the heat in  my car and office, unbelievable this is 6/1. Wasn't planning on working out but after 30mins on social media after work, I realized I have time to get a workout in. I had gotten an email for a new app Bitgym so I decided to give it a try, riding through Italy. I was pleasantly surprise how good it worked with my bike since all I was using was my phone with no extra gadget just like a kid in the candy store, I sped up, slowed down, stop and it respond pretty good with the rpm, the scenery was nice too, thought I was going to get into the water, I really can wait to see how the whole thing unfolds disappointed I miss the kickstarter would have love to support them. Got in 15 mins on the bike.

Tuesday - Had a very serious senior moment and did last week workout, oh well, my body knew I needed it after the over indulgence over the weekend on Nigerian food.

1 mile warmup with 3 striders at 7.5mph for 30secs each, - average pace 11.29
main workout was Runerval 7.0 workout #3 - 2.04 miles with an average pace of 10:39
4x30secs @8.5mph/2% grade with 90secs recovery @5mph
4x1min@7.5mph/2% grade with 1 min recovery started at 5mph but dropped to 4mph, HR was high.
2x30sec@8.5mph/2% grade with 90 secs recovery at 5mph
1 mile Cool down - average pace 11:49
Ended up with 4.04 miles

Pretty Fierce Lean Out Anaerobic Workout - 36mins, I enjoyed this workout, first time doing this one
10 workouts @ 40secs ON/20 secs OFF
4 workout @ 60secs ON/60 Secs OFF needed every sec
10 workouts @ 40secs ON/20 secs OFF, repeat of the 1st - starting from 10-1 this time
very nice stretch.

After work, not the smartest, even Shelby question my sanity, I got in 5.5 miles with Shelby on a new hilly course to me, I felt a lot better than I was expecting even thou the start was a bit rough. Still feeling tightness in my left calf so need to stretch and roll it to work out the kinks.

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