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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial day weekend was a complete blur, so grateful for those who gave their life in  service to our country.

Saturday, met up with Shelby and we tackle the Valley loop and lock 29 to get in 10 miles but we did end up going almost 11 miles, Shelby did a good job keeping us on pace, we stayed at the low end with the hope of moving up with each run. Lock 29 as usual was crowded with cyclist, families, walkers and runners.

After the run and some errands, off to a friend's son's graduation party, had a great time there and I had a great conversion with a lady about being an empty nester. I find it interesting that couples that currently do not spend time together think there is a magic moment  fairy godmother once the kids leaves home.

Sunday before church got in Pretty Fierce Lean Out Outdoor Workout, find it interesting that she calls this an outdoor workout but the whole thing is filmed indoors, great workout did one round for 20 mins. After church finish getting the kids packed then off to Oxford to drop him off, spending the night since we can 't get the apartment key until Monday morning.

Monday: The Hampton has a nice elliptical so I decided to use it instead of an easy run, this made doing an iClimb with Keith so much fun, was shooting for 30mins but do to excess fun ended up with 47mins had to stop due to time. After shower and breakfast, headed off to the apartment to pickup key and move in, then trip to Dillards out, IKEA, Walmart and they finish move in and cleanup, we finally left around 7pm getting home close to midnight.

Tuesday very tired but made it out of bed to get in a workout, warmup with Drop 2 Sizes Phase 2 RAMP then time to suffer using Sufferfest Steamroller, this seriously kick my butt but it felt great, a real shock to my system, rest are incredibly short for the pace I was running, had to push and focus to get this done. I love watch Mo Farah run, such grace and he doesn't look like he is working hard.

After work got in 6 miles in Shelby, this was hard, still quite tired but it felt good to run and challenge the body a bit.

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