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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Butt so much better, still not 100% sure what is going on.

Yesterday, in  an effort to focus on the butt, did works that targeted it, I think it helped. Physique 57 Express workout, there is a great butt/seat workout that targeted everything, then yoga for butt with Adrienne on You tube and to stay true to what I planned did a quick 30mins yin yoga also found on You tube.

Surprise on how cold it got, enough for the cold warming from the nursery regarding bringing plants indoors.

Divine intervention this morning, as I stood in my closet trying to decide whether to wear long pant (outdoors) or short (treadmill) we lost power, mind you there is no rain or storm or anything just no power, so decision made outdoor run it was, since it is only 45 degrees and I can hear the wind howling, put on long pant & top and headed to the garage to get my shoes, well, power came back ON, oh well outdoor it still is. It takes so much longer for me to get running when I have to go outdoors.

It was cold, initially only had long pant and sleeve but went back and put on a windbreaker, hat and gloves, didn't overheat during my run, got in 6 miles with 6x90sec of sprint sprinkled in on the second loop. I have a nice 3 mile loop that I did twice going clockwise and counter clockwise. I am trying to stay at the top end of my base pace instead of what I have been doing which was hanging at the low end, I am not going to get faster doing that. The run felt pretty good and I should be more comfortable at me if I still to pushing towards the high end.

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