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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Friday - The drive to pick up my son at Miami University 4 hours away was painful, I can't believe I drove the same distance , did 3 races (Flying Pig 10K, 5k and Marathon) and drove back. It has something to do with my husband's car seat, not the first time this has happened - butt is allergic to luxury car, an hour into the drive my left butt muscle was shooting pain down my leg, so glad to get out of the car and stretch things out, same problem on the way back, thankfully we stopped for gas and dinner. This is really going to suck when we do the 9 hours to Chicago via Cincinnati for my niece's graduation. Workout Pretty Fierce Lean Out (PFLO)Lower Body Strength + Upper Body Strength +36 mins of Spinerval Ultra Conditioning Core, this was  a great combo. PFLO continue to kick my butt.

Saturday - Still have some butt pain but legs are fine, got in 8+ miles with Shelby on the trail, pain was no better or worse, went for my scheduled massage and she was able to get some of the kinks out.

Sunday - Thankfully I did not sign up for the Cleveland Marathon, it was hot and humid (100%), before going for a graduation ceremony I was able to get in PFLO Anaerobic capacity workout (yep lack of oxygen alright)+core +yoga hybrid, I don't think I will ever do more than the 28mins routine, another hard one. I think if you survive the rotation, you will be in great shape, she goes through it without huffing and puffing, she is a machine, quite humbling.

Monday - I convince myself to run outside in the morning, it was humid and I was miserable but I got in a 5k before coming in, came back in and did Cathe Push/Pull

Today - Since I am running Akron with Shelby, I decided that I need to do Brain Training For Runners (BTFR) marathon plan so we run at least 20 miles, I think she will have a panic attack if we stop at 16 using Hanson even though she knows it works for me. So today was hill repeats and I pulled out Sufferfest: The Machine; I have my paces for running a 1:58 HM this is Shelby's other goal, to run an under 2hr HM, we are running biggest loser 6/7;/15 not enough time I think, last HM was 2:10 for me, Shelby has not done one this year, next HM is 8/15 should be doable but we will need to pick up speed and endurance.
Sufferfest: The Machine - 5 hill repeats by #4, I was dying, why would they think this was a good time to do a 5k pace on a 8% incline, each repeat was about 3 mins, the incline and speed changes, tend to go up not down. Use Drop 2 Sizes Phase 1 RAMP to warmup before sufferfest, then did Drop 2 Sizes Phase 1 Countdown Metabolic workout after + PFLO yoga.

Still struggling with chest congestion from my allergies, just does not seem to be going away, I hope I can keep up with my training, enjoy how my body is feeling but not sure what is going on with the butt muscle currently both actually hurt even to touch, good thing I use a standing desk at work.

Ordered Strong Stride and Cardio Strength from Groupon, good deal $9.99+tax+s&h brings total to $15.01, 6% cash back from ebates.

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