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Monday, March 30, 2015

Now down to the single digit with the Paris Runcation, still so much to do even thou looks like I have been planning since December.

Got in 8 miles with Shelby at Egbert, somehow this felt very hard, I forgot my garmin haven't done that in a long time so went with Shelby's data, I try to stick with the goal of always finishing hard, it felt good push that pace for the last 800meters even thou we were very tired.

Got back home in time to bleach my hair and start cooking for our early Easter dinner with my sister and her family. It was always nice to see them and I love the baby, always amaze how many times he can call Auntie in an hour. We had a great dinner but I had to kick them out early so I can have a quick nap before heading to work at 8pm was suppose to be 7pm but they left around 545pm.

Working 8pm to 7am was interesting, hard just staying awake but we always have to be mentally alert since we are running chemical reactions it felt good to be back in the field, but once in a blue moon is good enough.

Got back home after the night shift, made breakfast for my son since he had to get on the bus back to college, I still continue to say this is the best $90 spent, got in there promptly, headed off to church after dropping him off for Palm Sunday service. Got into bed right after church for a 3hr power nap before heading out for some shopping and  a visit to a field that lost his mother. Quickie easy stretch yoga that really doesn't count.

Need the extra sleep so got up later than usual but was still able to get in Cathe Ripped with HIIT Plyo #2 + Bonus Abs #2, great way to start the week even thou it is still cold here. Come on SPRING.

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