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Friday, March 27, 2015

Nothing says Spring Day in Ohio, like 21 degrees and snow, oh well.

Beautiful start to my day, despite Mother Nature little weather tantrum, I started off with Cathe Ripped with Hiit Chest Shoulder and Triceps, this is a great heavy weight workout with very minimal rest, I love the flow of it.

Afterwards was 10k easy miles, probably need to spend more time on the pavement but I am just not into the cold, hard to believe that the Paris Marathon is now 15 days away, still some final plans to make but the excitement id building and quite a bit of Facebook friends going.

Doing the Egbert route again tomorrow but starting early, since I plan to have Easter dinner tomorrow because my son will not be coming home and we will be on a plane to London but then somehow I have to work 7pm -7am to cover one of my operators shift since I am down 3 out of 4, doing to be a very long 48 hours.

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