Miles to Health

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Back from the Paris Runcation and will get a report together soon but in the main time back to the grind running the Hall of Fame Half Marathon on the 26th.

Saturday got in a nice fast 7 miles with Shelby we average 9:58/mile, this was great since it was hot and humid and 1 week post Paris Marathon.

Sunday  felt some tightness in my right inner thigh so after doing KCM Slim Sculpting, did 20 mins of yoga to open up the hips. Slim Sculpting is about 38 mins with warmup and cool down, you are doing 4 rounds of an exercise with I think about 10secs rest in between, I use 15# KB for the 1st 2 rounds and 12kg for the last 2 rounds, love the intensity and that it is straight forward no fancy weird move to learn.

Still sightly jet lag but getting back into things I guess I am back in taper, for the HOF HM and then the following week I have The flying Pig 4 way Chili (10k, 5k & Marathon) sometimes question my own sanity but life is too short.

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