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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last week got all my workout in, although did take it easy on the strength and plyo segment was able to get out on Saturday with Shelby for a great 10 miler at Egbert on the bike path. I love this course both the path and trail, just a great mix of hills to give the legs guessing very challenging course, we through in 4 hills repeats at Bridal trail, Shelby was great going up and down the hill, Chisel seems to be working out great for her. I love how strength training greatly improve the leg strength.

This week training has been going great, I have made it a point to get up on time to get most of the workout in an get to work before 9am, earlier just isn't working and doesn't seem to make that much difference. I love morning workouts more that after work.

Second time running in the Newton Energy with no break-in felt good, 1st time did 7 miles, love the colors

1 hr Spin just to take a break from from, rode pretty hard and felt good

Cathe Ripped with HIIT Plyo # 1 with 6 miles easy, even thou this was an easy run, the cumulative effect of no rest seem to take it's toll so lots of focus required.

This is pushing the leg to the next level, felt like the last 6 miles of a marathon.
Cathe Ripped With Hiit Lift it Legs, legs were fried after this one then 3x2 miles at Marathon pace(6mph/2%) with 800m recovery (4.2mph/2%) instead of a 800m recovery to finish did intervals at 7mph/2% to finish legs felt great went back to get in the Lift it Legs Stretch. Great way to start the day.

Paris Marathon is now just around the corner, mixed emotions, so happy to be where I am today and loving life, occasional memories of mum still filters in.

Need to start packing soon, going to see if I can get away with a carryon bag only, just do  not feel like checking in a full suitcase and dragging it all over London and Paris

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