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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Staying true to keeping Wednesday a recovery day, pulled out Ultimate Yogi - Gentle Yoga, I love this workout, actually I just love the way Travis instructs, never have to look at the TV just listen to his voice and follow his  guardian. Always feel relax and mellow when done, am glad am able to put yoga back into my routine, still not flexible but don't feel breakable either. Although, I do have to say I do hurt quite abit when done, not painful hurt more like you need to do this more often.

The "what shoe to wear for the marathon" saga continues, feels weird that I haven't had a race since thanksgiving even thou I am actively training but finding most shorts races just as expensive as long and will rather go long to reduce $/mile, and moreover I do not keep short race blings unless there is something special about them.

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