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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

With everyone in the office sick again, I guess is time to get back on the Vitamin C, never understand why people don't stay home when they are hacking out a lung and sneezing all over the place.

Felt great upon waking this morning and decided against doing the warmup using one from Cathe RWH, just went straight to the treadmill and did a walking 800m warmup before starting the required 2x3miles strength workout @ 6mph/2% with the 800m @4mph/2% recovery, body felt pretty good during this run. Ended up with 8 miles.

After the run, had a little bit of time so got in the Back segment of Cathe RWH Lift it Hiit, love this, 3 rounds of 3 different workouts with 12 reps each and a 2 round finisher after each round, love that it is slow enough to lift heavy, use a 35# dumbbell, 30# barbell and the grey band.

After work met up with Shelby for some quick miles around Cuyahoga Falls, this was a challenge but not with the legs, looks like we are slowly getting some longer days, since we had daylight for most of our run. We got in 4 miles.

Still do  not have  a decent shoe for long runs, switch to the Hoka Kailua today and the back of the right foot is running, but it felt better than the Bondi. Little Rock marathon is around the corner and no shoe, I hate that the upgraded Puma and Brooks just does not work for me anymore.

The accelerate Hydro is working pretty good for before/during and after, no issue with my recovery at all or doing back to back training, the Hanson program is also keeping me injury free, although I ma concern that I haven't really gotten in a good 16miles, the last one is this weekend and I will be trying my best to get it in properly, mother nature permitting.

Oh registered my husband and I for the Paris Marathon Breakfast Run, this a shakeout 5k, not bad for 7 euro I guess

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