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Monday, February 9, 2015

Saturday was slightly warmer than most running days I have had of late, 36 degrees felt like a heat wave but the problem is this is Ohio, stay out long enough and the temps change and there are always surprises. Winter running makes for interesting running, yes need to layer up, but I am finding out that some tops don't go together, the armpit meets at different levels so this create chafing, multiple top change later finally find one that are willing to play together. Love the Lucy bottoms so far, lean and mean tight and the winter warrior tights work great together and have worked in temps close to -2, oh joy of Ohio living.

Got in 10 miles Saturday running the Old Akron Half Marathon Blue line then went back out to get the last 2 runners for an additional 1.64 miles which was great as a cool down. The pace wasn't fast, still quite a bit of ice and snow on the side walks and we did occasionally move to the road but I wasn't very comfortable with that since we were running with traffic.

Sunday, had every intention of getting up for a run then meeting my BGR sisters for a run but then I got the cleaning bug since this is a rare occurrence decided to go with it, clean whole house, did laundry and sort books after all this was done had no desire to run but felt like spinning so got in a 45mins ride using motiontraxx cycle program coached by Gregg Cook, this was perfect for the day.

Today woke up early but spend a good 30mins debating the merits of whether to get up or not for 30mins in my mind, should have just hit the snooze button. Did eventually got out of bed and got in 7 miles but then was upset that I ran out of time to get in something else.

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