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Thursday, February 12, 2015

I can't imagine being an after work/evening runner, I went to bed thinking about my 10 mile tempo run today and upon waiting that was one of the first few things that came to mind, which means I will obsess about it all day and today's weather just makes an outdoor run impossible at least for me any way, 11 degrees with a feel like temperature of -24 degrees due to the brutal wind.

This morning was the 1st of the 10 miles tempo run, I worry so much about hitting the pace but not sure why nothing is edge in stone. Had to make myself get out of bed on time, it was really hard especially when James rolled over with a warm body, all I wanted to do was snuggle up and go back to sleep, but got up I did. I felt good, no aches or pain, well except for the shoulder.

Mixed up a bottle of Accelerate Hydro before heading to the basement, did a 1 mile warmup walking, then 7 miles @ 6mph/2% cleared the treadmill since it stops when the time gets to 99.99, this was a really brief stop, no lingering then for the last 3 miles started at 6.1 and finish at 6.5mph/2% then to finish watching the movie I was watching on Netflix, a Chinese movie called Masquerade which there is an American version with Kevin Kline called Dave, very good and interesting to see how each plot were similar, King/ President both ruthless and uncaring for the people.

This was after the run, even thou I don't look very sweaty, am actually quite soak.

Shelby and I cancelled the after work run, just to cold and not worth the risk of a frost bite. Really hoping, I can get in the 16 miler for Saturday outdoor and the weather cooperate, Sunday is very cold but hoping Saturday the wind dies down.

No update on the shoe saga

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