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Friday, February 13, 2015

Brrrr it is cold, the wind is brutal

Woke up with so much energy today, no aches or pain and on time, although that didn't mean I got to work on time just that I got in all my workout, I really enjoy working out, it's not something I need to do, it's something I have to do just to feel complete for the day.

1st workout was Cathe Ripped with Hiit Upper Body Circuit, every time I do this workout I wonder why it is called upper body circuit because the legs are worked just as much to keep the metabolism rep but then when I do the lower body I understand why, really love this program, great compliment to my running.

Work out #2, I really wanted to do the 1 hour yin yoga that Travis posted on youtube so the intention even thou the schedule called for 6 miles easy I was only going to do 4 to be able to get the yoga but once I started it felt so effortless and I couldn't imagine cutting it short.

Was running short on time so plan to get as much yoga as possible in, was able to do 30 mins of Travis Eliot Yin yoga, this felt so good after the other 2 workout.

Not sure what to do tomorrow, it is going to be very cold again, some light snow with temps at about 19 degrees but feel like 2 with wind gusting at 21mph by 10am it's going to feel like -2, just does not seem worth it since it will be hard for me to breathe so it looks like the 16 miles for tomorrow is going to be on the treadmill.

This does not help with the decision of which shoe to wear for the Little Rock Marathon coming up

Normal Friday activity at Solon Giant Eagle Market District 6 for $6, great way to taste different wines and not bad for the price

1-Mirth Chardonnay 2013 paired with Vermont Cheddar popcorn/Mango drizzle
2-50 Shades of Grey White Silk 2012 paired with Mixed green with crispy bacon & grapefruit vinaigrette
3-Fantini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2013 paired with Stuffed Shells
4-The Seducer Red Rendevous 2012 (my favorite) paired with Blueberry marinated roast beef
5-Le Mazet Cabernet-Syrah 2010 paired with poached pear wrapped in prosciutto
6-Vietti Muscato d'Asti 2014 (this was good) paired with strawberry and cream cup

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