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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine Weekend.

Saturday(Valentine Day): With the snow and wind chill dropping the temperature to the negative, I decided I wasn't bada$$ enough nor do I think any race or run was worth me being out in those conditions, I spend an enjoyable day with James, only problem was house was not stuck for us to be in all day so it was interesting coming up with things to eat since neither really wanted to cook. In order not to call the day a total waste did a nice high intensity spin.

Sunday: Schedule calls for 16miles and I really didn't wake up early enough to get it all in before church but still decided to do what I can, started out walking at 4.0mph/2% grade and just add miles till I was walking about 4.5 mph/2% grade, this was my walking cutoff then I switch to running at 5.0mph unless the treadmill will not go past 4.9mph/2% grade, so stayed there for the first round. The treadmill reset at 99:59 so stop it at 99:25 after 8.5miles for a 13:15 pace, yes slower than am suppose to run but I really want to build the walking muscles, seem to be helping keep me injury free.

For the 2nd round since I know I was press for time I decided to crank the pace up a bit for a faster pace with lower miles, ended up with 5 miles in 53:27 for a 10:41 pace, the legs felt pretty good and the last push of 0.2 at 7mph/2% at the end really task the endurance system but was able to talk myself to a strong finish.
Not 16miles @ 5.1mph that the schedule called for but I am quite happy with what I did.

While running this morning watch Generation Iron on Netflix, I love the bodybuilding world as much as I love the running world, actually was into lifting way before running and attending the Arnold Classic has been a yearly event since 2008 with the kids. The expo is always a lot of fun with unbelievable amount of giveway. I know there is always the debate about steroid use but in the running world there is also doping so no sport is really clean since everyone is looking for an edge and there is so much  money and endorsement on the line.

Some yoga tonight to stretch things out, Little Rock is fast approaching I feel good about it and Lent starts this week.

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