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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

With all the ice and snow, I have basically stayed on the treadmill,  even for me this is a lot, I have always been able to get the long runs done outdoors and the hit and run death of a local runner in the next city on Saturday just makes this the right decision for now.

Heard back from the HR guy, he will bring it up in their review mtg next month, he wasn't aware that the result are readily available and can be use as prove for repayment. It will be so nice if they start covering race fee.

Saturday: 11.2 miles
Sunday: Cathe Plyo 1, had no issue, was worried I won't be able to do this barefooted.
Monday:Cathe RWH Upper Body circuit + 7 miles easy
Tuesday: Cathe RWH Lower Body Circuit + 3x2miles/800m recovery

Booking is all done for Little Rock Marathon except for the Sunday night that I added, same hotel I booked for Friday - Sunday is now coming up double the price. 

Thinking of registering for the Hall of Fame Half Marathon, as a way to keep running after Paris since I still have Flying Pig to do and 2 of my favorite running group BGR Cleveland and TORN are using it for the spring race. Also thinking of RNR New Orleans 2016, great price right now at $50

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