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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday: According to the schedule is a rest day, instead of doing hard workout on this day, I think it will be perfect to use to add yoga back in, so today did a nice yoga for hips and back then a nice yin yoga.
James is back home, and as much as I would have like to stay in bed this morning, I dutifully got up and got in my 9 miles tempo run, I really had to talk myself into it but once started I felt fine. Did 4 miles at 6mph and then the last 4 at 6.1, for the 1st mile started out walking then slowly got the walking pace up so went from 4.0 -4.5mph, I like to increase my walking speed, since that will help if I have to walk a hill.

I send off an email to the HR Director today, the new wellness challenge program that started Monday is a complete joke for me, all the program they come up with are for beginners, do 900 mins of workout in 3 months, am already at 313 and this is an easy week. I asked him to start paying for race/competition fee, even if we have to show prove that we did it, I'll let you know if he agrees never met the man so have no idea if he is into fitness or not.

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