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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Monday did Cathe Lift it Hiit it Chest Shoulder and Triceps + 30 mins spin decided to give the ankle a break even thou it felt fine, can't afford an injury.

Got into bed last night and turn to my right my shoulder hurts, then to my left that hurts too, face down lord that hurts, then on my bad that hurts the least, this is the second time I have done RWH CST and I have to say the I never make it to 24 hrs for the DOMS to set in, I think because you go heavy and do high reps (10-12) then a finisher after each 3rd rounds just kill those muscles. Today everything hurts to the touch, I think a serious gain can be hard with this workout.

Today: Ankle felt pretty good so did D2S P1 RAMP and then 3x1.5miles with 400m recovery was suppose to be 4 but running late and I knew I was running with Shelby after work.

Weather was great after work at 34 degrees and no wind, felt over dress but got in 4 miles with Shelby which included .5miles of hill repeat.

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