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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still not doing a good job of getting to bed on time so last week's training not on schedule.

 Thursday: Early morning chat with my sister, meant not much time to workout, will not trade the time with her for the world so adjusted the schedule instead of a 8 miles tempo run, did part of Runerval 2.0 Treadmill tempo with Coach Troy, more challenging than what I will have done on my own.

Friday: After a restless night and a early wake up from work, had just enough time to do Cathe Low Impact Hiit 2

Saturday: Before taking my son to the Dentist, felt the need to revisit Runerval 2.0 for a complete redo, so that was what I did, got in 4.5 miles then after the Dentist did Cathe Lift it Hiit Upper Body Circuit before heading out for Christmas returns.

Today: Met up with 4 other TORN ladies for a trail run, the intention was to do 2 of Bill Bad A$$ loop but there was so much snow on the trails that I didn't think I was getting a decent run, love the snowy trail run but building leg strength but one loop was enough for that, so 2 of the ladies and myself decided to do a quick 3 miles on the road, that was a great decision

Legs felt really weird switching from the snowy trail to the road, took a while to get them responding but we kept a very good pace which I like despite how tired the legs were and the calves wow hurts. Weather was perfect and all the gear worked, including my new Lucy Winter Warrior Skirt tight, the ankles may be sore tomorrow.

Run #1

Run #2

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