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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Seem to be finally getting out of vacation mode, got out of bed at a reasonable time after the alarm went off, and after a quick chat with hubby who is still out of the country, went down to the basement and got my tempo run in.

Schedule called for 8 miles tempo @ 6mph with warmup and cool down did 1 mile warmup @ 4.1-5mph then started the 6mph run I had no plan of doing 8 miles but once I started had no excuse to stop so got in 7 additional miles before stopping to get ready for work. Felt good through out the run, can't really complain.

After work, met up with Shelby at Hudson High School for some more miles, decided to skip our normal Hudson route due to ice on the side walks and headed into a nice quite development where we were able to run on the road due to limited traffic, we missed one of the turns and ended up on the other side of town so got on the major road to head back to the high school luckily side walk wasn't too bad.

The New York Marathon lottery opened today, I guess I put my name in, the fee is ridiculous @$255 but it is a one time thing since it is a major but it really suck to pay $11 just to enter the lottery and be turned down.

Almost have everything set for Paris Marathon trip, got the eurostar ticket today, ticket booked and most days hotel covered except for 3, waiting on an Ihg sale to see what will be offered and avoiding using my Marriott points for now.

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