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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monday: Had a rough night so woke up late and was only able to get in a nice easy 7 miles run while watching my latest Korean music, lots of walking ans stair climbing at work and I also got in 2 miles with my girls from Girls on the Run, we are getting close to our 5k and they are not quite ready. After work while waiting for dinner to finish baking, I got in UFIT Upper Body Bliss, short to the point strength workout with cardio burst thrown in to keep the heart rate up.

Tuesday: Drop 2 Sizes (D2S) P1 RAMP Warmup + Strength 1, I only did 20 mins of strength 1 since I needed time to finish my running workout . Today was Sufferfest Treadmill Workout Steamroller, this was my first time doing this and I enjoyed and was drenched in sweat when done, I varied my interval pace from 6.0-10.0, I did feel 6.0 easy half through so increased to 6.2, finding the right pace was tricky, had to be careful because for some the recovery were short at only 30sec, treadmill wasn't even down to recovery pace before it was time to start rolling into it for the next one.

After work got in 5 miles with Shelby around the city of Hudson, it so dark already at 545pm when we started, we needed our headlamps. I need to buy a brighter one, my current one is just not bright enough if I intend to continue running outdoors in the winter.

Seem to have pulled my left calf muscle yesterday while observing the reactor transfer at work, wore my compression sleeves all day at work and did some icing, wasn't too bad while running, I need to keep a eye on it so it doesn't get any wore or turn into something else.

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