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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Recovery day today so did D2S P1 RAMP + Complex Metabolic and then added W365: Freed which is a great hip opener. The left calf was still very tight and painful so was happy to have limited sun salutations in this routine, I also noticed quite a bit of tightness in my hamstring.

After work today was GOTR Practice 5k, I am so proud of the girls, they really did a good job getting the laps in on the middle school track, I was expecting lots of whining and moping but they just got it done.

Going to do the regularly scheduled workout tomorrow, unless I feel the calf is worse off but may have to reconsider running with Shelby after work. Really hate that it is so dark so early, even the moon was already out on my way home. Beautiful full moon.

This was 5:38pm

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